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Metco is a leading company in the field complex penetrating metals for porcelain tile decoration.



14/02/2019, 11:15


 METCO SRL sarà presente all’ edizione 2019 del Career Day che si svolgerà il 26 febbraio dalle 9.30 alle 17.00 presso il Padiglione 33 di Bologna Fiere - Ingresso Aldo Moro M

L’edizione 2019 del Career Day si svolgerà il 26 febbraio dalle 9.30 alle 17.00 presso il Padiglione 33 di Bologna Fiere - Ingresso Aldo Moro 

Durante la giornata le aziende partecipanti avranno la possibilità di incontrare i laureandi e laureati dell’Ateneo di Bologna, visionare i loro CV, effettuare brevi colloqui presso gli stand, individuare i profili più interessanti e illustrare i propri percorsi di inserimento.

Sito Career Day 2019  https://eventi.unibo.it/careerday 
Portale dell’Università di Bologna  https://www.unibo.it/it

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The addition of promoters chromophores in the mixture of the customer makes to obtain substantial performance from the point of view of the development color, significantly expanding the colour Gamut. These additives can be added either in the liquid phase (slip) of the mixture, which in the initial charging of the mill.

As A result of this preparation will make it possible to have two types of applications:

The first (and most obvious liquid) application directly to the ceramic body through the use of supply chain pressure (application of at least 400-600 microns) while the second one (with different destination of use) once
spray the slip is then applied as a double layer all the dry double-loading.
You will always and surfaces “TECHNICAL” with a hardness similar to the Technical Porcelain pure, easy cleanability of the surface and a very high resistance to scratching due to the absence of fragile materials such as glass (typical instead of the glazed products made by other manufacturers of inks).
Subsequent finishes, Honed or Polished, thus giving it an added value that assimilates these artifacts to natural marble, both for aesthetics and for the variety of colours.

The typical configuration of the line, if you choose to apply the Slip modified with Metox directly by supply chain pressure (liquid), is the following:

-glazing line of at least 80-120 mt
-at the exit from the dryer after pressing it is necessary to cool the surface of the tile using a jet of water with an airless
- application of Slip changed with Metox through a chain of pressure (500-700 gr/sqm
the dry product divided into 2 applicators)
-a baby walker place between the sectors will rotate the tile by 90° (to avoid the effect of the vertical line)
-after the deposition of the layer you need to scrape the edges and proceed to dry the surface of the tile, which can be accomplished in these ways:
- bring the artifact in a kiln to more than plans for at least 3-5 minutes (drying or forced)
- leave to cross an empty space of the line (at least 80 metres)
- preventing the influence of water that the medium is absorbing.

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